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Transformational Life Coaching™ Course Description

Admission to the Transformational Coaching Program requires students to participate in a pre-admission meeting/screening with the Owner/Instructor.  Please refer to admissions policy section. 

TLC-101-Transformational Life Coaching                                           $6,500

TLC-102-P—Practicum and Certification                                              Included

Course Objectives:

1.       Utilize theories and models of Transformational Life Coaching.

2.       Translate language theory into practical applications.

3.       Apply behavior flexibility tools.

4.       Assess techniques appropriate for individualized healing protocols.

5.       Complete individual practicum.

The transformational Life Coaching Program is a 23-weekend, 500-hour intensive, integrative certification Program.  There are 350 class hours, and 150 hours of addi­tional work which includes prep, study, assignments and practicum.  Unlike many other coaching programs, this unique program will offer a thorough hands on learning environment where you can experience and practice coaching skills as you learn them. You will be able to watch elegant demonstrations of the material being taught as well as being able to receive one-on-one feedback from the instructors to enhance your learning process. 

Our 23-weekend program will teach you all the skills you need to begin to assist people in achieving their goals, breaking through obstacles and maintaining success in any area of their lives. You will be able to understand how a problem is linguistically coded at the unconscious level through the use of language and structure your language to produce the most profound change in the least amount of time. You will be able to work with clients one-on-one, over the phone, work with large or small corporations, the applications are endless! Blue Lotus Training and Consulting strives to provide the most optimal learning environment to enhance the learning experience for the student.

In this course you will deepen your learning and integration of hypnotic language skills and techniques.  You will learn hypnotic skills for emotional healing, while learning how to elicit trance phenomenon to deepen the learning and transformation. 

Finally, this course will take your NLP Practitioner skills to the next level of understanding and expertise.  This advanced training and learning experience is a one of a kind opportunity to fully integrate your existing skills while layering in new techniques at a deeper more profound level. This intensive didactic, and experiential training with a personalized practicum, is the most comprehensive way to learn to become a Master Practitioner of NLP.

Sampling of topics and/or skills that will be covered in Transformational Life Coaching: :

Neuro Linguistic Programming


Systems Theory

Quantum Physics

Developmental Stages

Life Cycle Changes

Motivational Coaching

Learning Styles

Shifting energy through mindsets

Emotional Intelligence

Past Life Healing

Professional Development

Couples Communication Coaching

Alignment Process

Future Sourcing

Problem Dissolver

Drop Through - Technique

Values Elicitation and Utilization Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Quantum Healing Techniques

Allergy Relief Model

Logical Levels


Healing Paradigms

Meta Programs

Aligning Values

IN-Dept Personal Breakthrough Sessions

Training and Presentation skills

Successful completion of the program earns the following certifications:

1.                  Transformational Life Coach

2.                  Practitioner of NLP

3.                  Master Practitioner of NLP

4.                  Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology

5.                  Master Practitioner of Hypnosis


New Class dates coming in 2020

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