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House Of Mirrors
March 7, 2022 at 3:31 PM
by Blue Lotus Training and Consulting
law attraction mirrors.jpg

We could say that life is a house of mirrors and reflections. Everyone we cross paths with others in our world, whether for an instant or a long time we feel attracted or repelled to them. Almost always these experiences are reflecting something for us. In the case of repulsion, perhaps we have seen in this person something that we don’t like in ourselves, something that we see as a defect or limitation. If we are not ready to face that part of us, then we will want to flea because we don’t want to see the reflection that the person offers us. If we judge that part of ourselves, we will judge them as well. In the state of judgement, we lose time and opportunity to grow and blossom as human beings. When we feel attracted to someone without even knowing them, they are giving us the gift to reflect something that is dormant in us; something that perhaps we have not actualized. Maybe something that we desire to be, create, feel, or live. The attraction is really to us, that person is the mirror of what is in the depth of our being. For many different reasons we may feel incapable of opening that door in ourselves. We believe that we need love and desire the other person and we think that they have the key to our happiness, love and triumph. In fact, it is us seeing hearing and feeling what already exists in our being. If you like how authentic or fun a certain person is, perhaps it is that very thing that you need to discover and blossom in yourself, like the seed that contains the flower that is not yet seen, but we always know its there. The mirrors are always there to reflect what we need in the moment. I invite you to consider, the next time you find a mirror, to focus your sights inward, and you shall see the infinite treasures that exist in the depth of your soul. In moments with yourself perhaps consider: Is there a mirror that you are called to look in or perhaps one that you are avoiding? What positive results can come from receiving the reflection?

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